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Clerical Cover Letter


A clerical employee is someone who is able to administer and handle documents and files, travel business, maintain other computer records and file documents. All clerical cover letters comprise of essential information. A cover letter must give the company to which you are applying a sense of your appropriateness for the job, your style of working and to some degree, your character too.

Writing a clerical cover letter which clearly conveys your earlier administrative and clerical experience with different companies would assist you to land an interview once you've submitted your application, particularly if it outlines things you were able to achieve above and beyond the call of duty.

Taking the time to cautiously craft your letter would pay off in the long run and would also show the interviewer that you as an applicant is much alert about the responsibilities and duties involved in being a clerical staff member.

The clerical field is one of the fastest growing fields in recent times. The clerical staff is liable to offer extensive support and also perform numerous bank duties for the employer. The clerical jobs are the most acknowledged in managerial departments of an organization. All you need is to have an exceptional managerial and communication skill. These types of jobs are in great demand in the companies. Following are some good tricks which would definitely help you as a job seeker to write an ideal clerical cover letter which would grab the attention of an employer.

Instructions to Write Clerical Cover Letter

Write an opening statement explaining the way through which you heard about the position and why you're interested in it. You could include information about who referred you to this position, the reason for your interest in working with the company and why you want to work as a clerical assistant.

In a few words, discuss your educational background and any previous jobs which make you eligible for this position. If you've never held an administrative or clerical position before, highlight the responsibilities of your earlier jobs or volunteer experiences which are related to the job description.

Speak about what you have to offer the company, particularly if this is something which sets you apart from other applicants for this position. Make use of past examples of your work to exemplify this point. For instance, if you worked for an established organization and created a filing system for its documents, you must mention this to show your organizational skills and your capability to innovate.

Proofread and edit your letter no less than 3 times before you send it with your resume. Make sure that you've spelled everything properly, not just in the body of the letter but also in terms of the individual and company to whom it's been addressed. Make sure that all contact details which you have supplied for yourself are also correct. Don't write the letter more than one page.

Finally, you must end the letter by saying that you are sending your resume along with this cover letter, so that it makes a good impression on the employer.



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