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Clerical Interview Questions and Answers


A clerk is a highly skilled individual who executes clerical work. He/she is employed in a public and private office for keeping records or accounts. The clerk carries out general office work or some sort of sales tasks. Clerical vacancies arise in a wide range of organizations and clerical jobs include a wide range of activities and tasks. Interview is referred to as a two way communication process between the probable interviewer and a potential interviewee. Following are some clerical interview questions which are frequently asked in a clerical interview.

Some Clerical Interview Questions

How does your previous work experience equip you for this job?

You must find the key capabilities and skills required for this position in the job posting/ad. Illustrate how you demonstrated these skills in your earlier jobs. Key skills for clerical positions generally include communicating with employees, customers and other people to answer questions and give information, answering and directing calls, compiling, filing, checking and distributing correspondence and documents, scheduling activities and recording data.

Please tells us about your educational qualifications, experience and skills?

You need to explain them about your education as to where you have completed your studies and what your highest qualification is. Tell them about your experience in this field and about your skills in operating personal computer, typewriter, general office procedures, computer entry and bookkeeping.

What types of correspondence were you responsible for?

When answering clerical interview questions such as this, state the level of responsibility you had with regard to generating and editing correspondence. Did you type correspondence from corrected copies, rough drafts, voice recordings, dictation or previous versions? Emphasize your knowledge of English composition, spelling and grammatical rules. Explain how you ensured accuracy and provide work samples to support your answer.

What's your typing speed?

A clerk is expected to have a very good typing speed. On an average, they must possess a typing speed of 40 to 50 words per minute. Therefore, you must ensure that you possess this speed, or else it's very tough for you to be selected. You need to practice very hard on your typing speed.

What types of filing systems have you managed?

Illustrate how you made sure that filing was kept current and being done properly. Detail the various filing systems you are well-known with and explain their advantages along with their disadvantages. Discuss any improvements you made. This shows that you vigorously managed the filing system and not just maintained it.

Were you responsible for coordinating any events, programs or projects?

Keep a good example ready of a project where you were involved in planning and organizing. Clerical interview questions like this are intended to explore your organization and planning skills as well as your initiative and capability to work independently. Focus on these skills when you answer.

What did you make at your last job?

Tell sincerely about your last recompense. Do not inflate or overstate your earlier earnings as employers check your references to verify your salary history. You could also add by saying that your previous job was completely different from this one. These are some very vital questions which are asked in a clerical interview and with the help from the above questions and good preparation could land you a good job in a better organization.



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