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Duties and Responsibilities of Clerical Assistant

The job of a clerical assistant is to provide general and specific clerical support to various departments to which he/she is assigned in an organization. He/she could provide any kind of support by assisting other clerks in the office to finish their work or by operating any office equipment. An organization might also appoint a clerical assistant to provide administrative support to the clerks or a particular team in an office.

Job Description

Good command over English, good communication skills and high quality work in terms of efficiency and accuracy are what is expected from a clerical assistant. He/she is expected to get along with the other employees in the organization and needs to be comfortable around people. This is not only a compulsory part of any clerical position, but also of all official positions. There are certain routine activities in any given organization which the clerical assistant needs to perform. There might be some organizational specific activities, which he/she might be required to perform. Duties and responsibilities of clerical assistant include: Administering and updating all activities of data entry and if required, making the corrections, preparing reports and assessing work as per requirement.
Participating in various workshops and training seminars and all clerical department meetings to improve the knowledge relating to data entry.
Preparing all correspondence with other departments, preparing client reports in fulfillment with suitable federal and state laws and submitting client with reports on a quarterly basis.
Assisting to sort all mails, both incoming and outgoing for office and assisting several departments to attach and recover all documents.
Maintaining and updating all payroll records and accounts payable checks by coordinating with other departments and ensuring back up for the same. Monitoring office supplies of all departments and administering all orders to proper department.
Ensuring delivery of boxes by marking them all and providing effective storage to them and also preparing a target sheet to deliver them all to off site locations.
Managing communication with all vendors to resolve all issues of the customer and also administering all the activities and planning strategies to lessen all the issues.
Besides the above, a clerical assistant needs to perform other duties which are specific to his assigned department. For e.g. he/she might have to collect sales report based on the sales for a particular day, week or month if he/she is assigned to the sales department.

Salary for Clerical Assistant

Clerical assistant jobs are offered by plenty of organizations, however, it's not considered as the highest paying jobs. The salary for this position is said to be low in the initial years. Different industries such as medical, insurance and law firms offer $11 to $15 per hour to a clerical assistant and thus, the salary falls in the range of $20,000 to $31,000 per annum. Different factors such as educational qualifications and the number of years of experience also determines the amount that a clerical assistant draws. He/she is also entitled for common benefits like medical and dental insurance. You can also take up a clerical assistant job, either full time or part time. This job profile is a start of the career and opens ample opportunities if done sincerely. You can climb the corporate ladder and could land up in an executive profile and become successful if you complete your job as per the job description of a clerical assistant.



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