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Getting a Clerical Job

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Getting a clerical job is not easy. You need to have clerical skills that can impress the employers to give you the job. In some organizations, clerks are ignored and also they are not paid much. The fact is without good clerical work, an organization does not work properly. Therefore, the clerical tests play a major role in getting the best clerks. Here is a free clerical skills test that will be helpful to be a perfect clerk. This test will measure all your skills that are essential for getting the clerical jobs. A clerical test is made of various sub-tests which include the numerical ability test, verbal reasoning test, spell check, clerical checking, etc. There might be an on-screen typing test which is optional which is mostly made for the secretary position.

Free Clerical Skills Tests

Verbal Reasoning Test

This section judges the candidate's ability in verbal fluency and vocabulary. Depending on the marks obtained, the candidate is selected or rejected. The candidate should have good verbal communication skills which can be beneficial for the organization.

Numerical Test

This section comprises of numerical tests. It checks the ability of the candidate to solve numerical problems. Clerks need to use numbers in most of their work like managing travel expenses, calculating bills, getting the unit pricing of goods, etc. Hence, it is necessary that the candidates should have good knowledge in numbers.

Clerical Checking

The next section is the clerical checking. Clerical checking is essential in all the clerical jobs. You have to check the data accurately and quickly and have to be alert while doing so. This section checks your ability of being smart and your efficiency of proofreading of numerical and verbal information. For example, a list of code numbers, telephone numbers, names, and addresses are given and you need to get the target against the list.

Spelling Ability

The next section in the test is to check the spelling ability of the candidate. In the test, there are various sentences or a paragraph given which has wrong spellings written in it. You have to find the wrong ones and correct them. This section shows your spelling ability and your grammar strength which is required in a clerical job.


Typing is the most essential thing a clerk should possess. Most of the clerical job is based on keyboards. Your typing speed has to be good to pass this test. This test will identify your errors and will check whether the errors made are too much.


This filing test is based on your ability to classify the names as quickly as possible and name them accurately. Later, you will have to file these names into an electronic alphabetical filing system. Thus, you should have the perfect filing knowledge for passing this test.


This section of test is the bookkeeping test. This part will show your ability to handle some information and materials which can be handled only by an experienced bookkeeper.

Manual Dexterity

This clerical test checks your coordination of hand and eyes. For this, you should have an aptitude for a gross and fine muscle control.

Computer Terminology

The clerks have to deal with various computer terminologies. Hence, it is essential to know the computer terminology. The questions would be asked based on the topics of windows, hardware, internet and safety.
Apart from all these, candidates should have knowledge on business writing and clerical proof reading. These two questions are also asked in the tests, but sometimes these are kept for an option. Free clerical skills tests should be given by being attentive and alert.



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